Department of Surgery

Simmons Research Conferences

Scaling up Surgical Training via the College of Surgeons of East, Central, and Southern Africa (COSECSA): International Needs Assessment and Curriculum Development

Presenter: Katherine Hill, MD (Advisor: Dr. Juan Puyana)

Dr. Hill will be discussing: (1) her experience as a participant-observer in a Kenyan residency program, (2) the educational needs assessment I completed across East Africa, and (3) the online surgical curriculum that is undergoing its initial roll-out across the COSECSA training programs.

Determinants of Surgeon Decision-Making in Emergency General Surgery: A Qualitative Analysis

Presenter: Shreyus Kulkarni, MD, MS (Advisor: D. Mohan)

Shrey will discuss the results of a qualitative analysis of surgeons’ decision-making in emergency general surgery. He will argue that traditional rational models of decision-making fail to capture real-world complexity, and that we must broaden our understanding of individual and social determinants of surgeons’ behavior.