Department of Surgery

Stacy J. Kowalsky, MD

  • General Surgery Resident (PGY-4)


Ambridge, PA

Why I Chose the University of Pittsburgh

I chose Pittsburgh because the program stood out to be as having everything that I wanted. Not only did the program offer the opportunity for excellent clinical training in every surgical sub-specialty and the opportunity to learn from leaders in the field, but also the opportunity to spend 2 years immersed in research, learning to become a surgeon-scientist from mentors who are able to successfully perform research that advances their respective field while still staying active in clinical practice. Furthermore, after meeting with the residents and the faculty, I could truly tell that that environment of the program was supportive. Finally, the fact that I was able to find a program of this caliber in my hometown, near my family was an added bonus.

Education & Training

  • Temple University School of Medicine