Department of Surgery

Antonio D’Amore, PhD

  • Research Assistant Professor

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh
  • MS, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  • MS, University of Palermo, Italy

Representative Publications

Dr. D’Amore’ publications can be reviewed through PubMed. A list of selected publications is also provided below:

  • A. D’Amore, M. Fazzari, H. Jiang, S. K. Luketich, M. E. Luketich, R. F. Hoff, D. L. Jacobs, X. Gu, S. F. Badylak, B. A. Freeman, W.R. Wagner. Nitro-oleic acid (NO2-OA) release enhances regional angiogenesis in a rat abdominal wall defect model. In press on Tissue Engineering Part A, IF 3.58.
  • A. D’Amore, S. K. Luketich, G.M. Raffa, S. Olia, G. Menallo, A. Mazzola, F. D'Accardi, T.Grunberg, X. Gu, M. Pilato, M. V. Kameneva, V. Badhwar, W.R. Wagner. Heart valve scaffold fabrication: bioinspired control of macro-scale morphology, mechanics and micro- structure. Biomaterials 2018, 150, 25-37, 5Y-IF 8.97.
  • K. Stearns-Reider , A. D'Amore , K. Beezhold , B. Rothrauff , L. Cavalli , W. Wagner , D. Vorp , A. Tsamis , Changqing Zhang , A. Barchowsky , T. A. Rando , R. Tuan , F. Ambrosio. The aged skeletal muscle extracellular matrix promotes muscle stem cell fibrogenic conversion. Aging Cells 2017 16 (3), 518-528 , IF 6.34.
  • A. D’Amore, T. Yoshizumi., S.  K. Luketich, M. T. Wolf,  X. Gu, M. Cammarata, R. Hoff, S.F. Badylak, and W. R. Wagner. Bi-layred polyurethane-extracellular matrix cardiac patch improves ischemic ventricular wall remodeling in a rat model. Biomaterials 2016 (107), 1–14, 5Y-IF 8.97.
  • A. D’Amore, J. Soares, J. Stella, W. Zhang, N. Amoroso, J. Mayer. W. Wagner, M. Sacks. Large strain stimulation enhances extracellular matrix production and stiffness in an elastomeric scaffold model. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 2016 (62), 619–635, 5Y-IF 3.15.
  • J. Carleton, A. D’Amore, K. Feaver, G. Rodin, M. Sacks. Geometric characterization and simulation of layered, planar elastomeric fibrous biomaterials. Acta Biomaterialia 2015, 12, 93–101, IF 6.38.
  • A. D’Amore, N. Amoroso, R. Gottardi, C. Hobson, C. Carruthers,  S. Watkins, W. Wagner, M. Sacks. From single fiber geometry to macro-mechanics: A structural finite-element model for elastomeric fibrous biomaterials. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 2014, 39, 146–161,  5Y-IF 3.15.
  • D. M. Sánchez-Palencia, A. D’Amore, A. Gonzalez, W. R. Wagner and J. C. Briceño. Effects of fabrication on the mechanics, microstructure and micromechanical environment of small intestinal submucosa scaffolds for vascular tissue engineering. Journal of Biomechanics 2014, 47, (11), 2766–2773, 5Y-IF 2.95.
  • K. Task, A. D’Amore, S. Singh, M Jaramillo, W. Wagner, P. Kumta, I. Banerjee. Systems level approach reveals the correlation of endoderm differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells with specific microstructural cues of fibrin gels. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 2014, 11,(95), IF 3.91.
  • N. Amoroso, A. D’Amore, Y. Hong, C. Rivera, M. Sacks, W. Wagner. Microstructure manipulation to tune bending stiffness in electrospun scaffolds for heart valve tissue engineering. Acta Biomaterialia 2012. (8), 4268-4277, IF 6.38.
  • N. Amoroso, A. D’Amore, Y. Hong, W. Wagner and M. Sacks. Elastomeric electrospun polyurethane scaffolds: the interrelationship between fabrication conditions, fiber topology, and mechanical properties. Advanced Materials. 2011; 23, (1),106 –111, IF 18.96.
  • A. D’Amore, J. Stella, W. Wagner and M. Sacks. Characterization of  the complete fiber network topology of planar fibrous tissues and scaffolds. Biomaterials 2010; 31:(20) 5345-5354, 5Y-IF 8.97
  • J. Stella, A. D’Amore, W. Wagner and M. Sacks. On the mechanical function of scaffolds for soft tissue engineering. Acta Biomateralia 2010; 6, (7), 2365-2381, IF 6.38.

Research, Clinical, and/or Academic Interests

  • Quantitative histology and biomaterials micro-structure image-based analysis
  • Structural modeling strategies to guide tissue engineering scaffold fabrication
  • Development of cardiac restrain devices and engineered heart valves

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