Department of Surgery



Our SharePoint intranet site now resides on SharePoint Online, the cloud-based version of SharePoint built into Office 365. Department UPMC network users can visit the SharePoint site from anywhere, on any device. Upon visiting the SharePoint Online portal, you will be prompted to enter your UPMC account username and password.

Important Notes

  • SharePoint cannot be accessed directly from clinical PCs. To access the SharePoint site on a clinical PC, you must run Internet Explorer from MyApps and use that browser window within MyApps to visit the site (copy and paste into the address bar)
  • Both Office 365 and MyApps use two-step verification every time you access these applications from outside the UPMC network or from a non-UPMC device. If you are using a UPMC device on the UPMC network, you will not be required to use two-step verification to log in to these applications. Users must complete the two-step verification setup process in advance. Instructions for setting up two-step verification are posted internally on the UPMC Infonet.

If you experience problems with MyApps or SharePoint Online, please contact the UPMC Help Desk at 412-647-HELP (4357).