Department of Surgery

T32 - Research Training in Biotherapy of Cancer

Program Director: Udai Kammula, MD

This training program is to prepare up to three surgical residents for a career as translational scientists in the field of biologic therapy of cancer. This training grant is funded through the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Trainees will be exposed to an immersive experience that will stress three core proficiencies necessary to be a successful translational scientist, including, basic laboratory research skills, fundamental principles of clinical investigation, and pragmatic experience in clinical trial management.

Eligibility Section

Candidates must have a MD or MD/PhD, be a categorical surgical resident or a surgical oncology fellow, have a strong interest in cancer research and a desire for an academic career in surgical oncology. Candidates need to possess integrity, perseverance, good communication skills, self-motivation, and strong recommendations.  As stipulated by the granting agency, Candidate must be a US citizen or a US permanent resident.

To Apply Section

If you are interested, please email a one-page description of your research interests and long-term professional goals, current CV, and two letters of recommendation (one of which should be from your Program Director or Thesis Advisor indicating your ability to participate in this program for two years and another from your Department Chair) to Donielle Neal, Academic Program Administrator,

Training Faculty

Udai Kammula, MD                                                                                                                                                                          

Tumor Immunology, Adoptive Cellular Therapy
Stephen Badylak, MD

Tissue engineering/ Regenerative medicine; Biologic scaffolds and extracellular matrix (ECM) biology; Clinical translation; Cell:biomaterial interactions; Epimorphic regeneration in mammals; Musculotendinous tissue reconstruction; CNS regenerative medicine; Use of naturally occurring biomaterials to promote stem cell survival and differentiation

Tuillia Bruno, PhD

Tumor Immunology, B cells, T cells, Tertiary Lymphoid Structures  

Haroon Choudry, MD     Targeted therapies for mucinous tumors
Robert Ferris, MD Pre-clinical and clinical development of novel immunotherapies for head and neck cancers
Andrea Gambotto, MD Immunotherapy, Genetic engineering, vaccine development
David Geller, MD HCC/mCRC signaling
Timothy Hand, PhD Mucosal immunology; Lymphocyte immune responses in the intestine
Gary Kohanbash, PhD                   

Brain Tumor Immunology

Adrian Lee, PhD Breast Cancer
Yong Lee, PhD Multimodal approach for peritoneal carcinomatosis
Jason Lohmueller, PhD Synthetic biology, Protein engineering, Adoptive T cell therapy, Gene therapy

Carissa Low, PhD

Mobile technology for remote cancer patient monitoring & adaptive behavioral interactions
Walter Storkus, PhD Cancer Immunology
Lin Zhang, PhD Apoptosis and necrotic cell death; colorectal cancer therapies and prevention